Today’s featured article is about the on-going Googlemania.

I don’t want to talk about Google itself, I’m more likely interested in sharing my experience with Google and Software provided/made by Google.

So let’s get started with my top 4 of the best software and products made by Google….I know, I know, there are more, but I tested only 4 so far 😉

Place 4 – Google Custom Search

Did you ever create a website with a lot of content and wanted to give your visitors the option to search your page?
I guess you either wrote your own search code, which won’t be as good as the Google Search engine or you searched the Internet to find a freeware search code solution…again, it would not be able to compete with the power of the Google Search engine.
If you didn’t hear it already, Google now offers „Google Co-op„. It allows you to embed your own customized Google Search Engine. Either you let it only search your website, or you add a few more. It is your decision.
You can even adjust the layout of the search and the search results page to fit to the design of your website.

After implementing it to one or two of my other websites I also added it to my blog.
Go to the search page and give it a try. If you like it…let me know 🙂

Place 3 – Google AdSense and Google AdWords

I didn’t use Google AdWords so far because I don’t need it, but since it is connected with Google AdSense I have to mention it here 🙂

Google AdWords allows you to create your own Google advertisements which are then shown via Google AdSense. I don’t know how much you have to pay for AdWords and I’m too lazy to look it up on my own, so if you give it a try or if you are already using it, leaving me a comment with that info would be much appreciated.

As you see on this blog I’m using Google AdSense which is a nice and easy way to earn a little bit money. If a visitor sees an advertisement which catches his or her attention they will click it and with some luck I earned a cent or two…easy, isn’t it?
Well, it is getting better. As the name „AdSense“ suggest, the Google Script you have to embed into your website will scan your pages and then place those kind of advertisement which fits best to the content. You no longer have to optimize the ads on your own, Google is doing it for you!

What are you waiting for?

Place 2 – Google Mail or Gmail

Did it ever happen to you that you ran out of space on your email account and had to delete mails you did not really want to delete?
Google Mail, also known as Gmail, solved this issue. As I’m typing this, everyone using Gmail has a storage space of 2849.336568 megabytes (and counting). No more deleting emails!
Gmail has even more features.

It organizes your emails to threads, which is useful if you are having a discussion going on via email. You won’t loose track of your previous mails and you can see how the topic you are discussing developed since the beginning. Oh well….there is so much to say about Gmail. You know what? You send me an email with the title „ Blog – Gmail“ to marcoruelicke[AT]gmail[dot]com and I will invite you to Gmail if you don’t have it already.

Place 1 – Google Maps

I discovered many handy maps, but this one beats them all.
Google Maps allows you to search place X in country Y and then it brings you to that place on the map.
You can select between Map, Satellite and Hybrid view, allowing you to see a city map, only the view from the space or both at the same time.
Aside looking for locations you can also search for businesses near your (or a location of your choice) and, my favorite feature, you can „ask“ for directions.

Let’s get into detail of the 3 search modes:

Search the Map

As example you can search for the place I’m living at, that would be Magdeburg, Germany. Isn’t it a nice city in the Satellite view?

Of course you can also search for other places, like Area51, London or New York, NY.

Find businesses

You are looking for the next Starbuck? I looked for one in Berlin…I didn’t know that there were so many in Berlin…

Get Directions

You want to go from X to Y but have no clue which way you have to take?
Well, as long as you don’t want to travel from the US to the EU (like this) or something, Google will give you the directions you want.
As example I got you the directions from Magdeburg to a Starbucks in Berlin

You can print that guide and find your way…in my opinion the best thing Google created so far!

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