Star Wars: Galaxies – Everything going worse?

I’m playing Star Wars: Galaxies for 687 days now (used /getvet when writing this article). I know I’m not one of the „oldest“ members, I joined after the Combat Upgrade, but I think I’m allowed to express my opinions about the past and current developments of the game.

When I bought the game about 2 years ago I did it because friends of mine were playing it and one of the posted a link to some Star Wars: Galaxies videos which impressed and convinced me. Originally I told myself I would buy that game only if I finished my exams successfully, but unfortunately I failed and I had to do the exams again, successfully. Anyway, although I failed my exams I bought the game because I couldn’t wait any longer. I don’t regret it. I still remember the first time I logged in, joined the Scylla server and created my character Coruin Halcyon.

One of my friends on the server gave me some money and we traveled to our city named Aiwha near Keren, Naboo. I was impressed when I landed first in Mos Eisley, Tatooine…but as soon as I saw Naboo, I was in love with the game. The profession skill tree system was easy to understand and I quickly decided to do the Teras Kasi and the Rifleman path.
At that time the Jedi class was still the special class you first have to unlock and then work hard on it to become a real Jedi.
During grinding my character from level 1 to level 80 I looked up and found out what I have to do to unlock the Jedi path and to be visited by the old man. There was a command which allowed to check your force sensitivity. If you are „glowy“ you have to wait 3 days and you will be visited by said old man. I became glowy right after I finished Jabba’s Theme park and before I reached level 80 that day.

Overall that day was the greatest day in my life and so far I never again had such a day in Star Wars: Galaxies.

Three days later I was on my way to become a Jedi…ok, first I had to become a Padawan, but it was the first step. After I got the permission to visit the village of Aurellia I started to grind almost each day and did the Aurellian quests to unlock the force boxes. I planned to unlock them all….but thanks to Sony Online Entertainment I never should get the chance to reach that goal. I didn’t even had the chance to become a Padawan, so I would be eligible for the „Elder Jedi“ title and related items!!!
Months of hard work for nothing, unfair, isn’t it?

As you probably already guessed, I’m now talking about the

New Game Enhancements (NGE or CU2)

At first I was as upset as anyone else, although I did not decide to quit my Star Wars: Galaxies subscription. I went with the stream and gave the „New Game Enhancements“ a chance. Now the Jedi profession is one among the others, meaning everyone can become a Jedi. As „Jedi“ I grinded the to level 90, which got added with these „Game Enhancements“. Ok, the quest xp rewards was/is great…but preNGE (before the New Game Enhancements) we would have done it by killing creatures in groups. It was a lot of fun and Entertainers and Traders had their income because of the buffs, battle fatigue/wounds and item decay. Most of this is gone now. Well, you have cloning sickness now, if you had to clone, and the Entertainers can give you great buffs, like armor protection and constitution…but the traders? They can have some income with vehicle restoration kits and some more items…but overall, if you see the amount of traders on a server and the demand, you can’t make real cash anymore.
Even worse, the traders weapons and clothes aren’t as good as any looted weapon or cloth you can get.

Sony Online Entertainment tries to address the issues, but they also have to create….errr….remove bugs, not to mention balance the game play.
Veterans I talked with stated that the game was never really balanced, but it wasn’t as worse as it is now.
Well, Sony Online Entertainment tries to give their best….without listening to the players.

The Chapter 6

was a great improvement because they reintroduced the Beast Master which allows you to clone your very own pet.
At the same time the increased the damage NPCs do to you, making some quests almost too hard to finish. Either you can’t really solo it or you have no group to finish the quest. Both are going hand in hand, so we have to see what Sony Online Entertainment will do…

Right now everyone has to see how they come along with the latest chapter. I know at least one person who considers quitting Star Wars: Galaxies because of the Chapter 6 damage boost. I do not know what I will do, at this moment I’m enjoying the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars events and I’m waiting to hatch my devilish ubar pet…a diseased nuna! It will be my first one, so please don’t laugh 😉

The Future of Star Wars: Galaxies

…clouded it is…

I don’t know what the future will bring to the game. If I could make the decisions, I would do a rollback to preNGE Star Wars: Galaxies, but some developers and public relations managers of Sony Online Entertainment stated already that this will never happen. Same for the hope of many veterans of a rollback to the original Star Wars: Galaxies, back then when the game was the best…

My hope is that Sony Online Entertainment will not „nerf“ the game completely up, I mean even worse as it is now. Should this happen, I’m out for sure.
I can ignore much, but there is a border…well, I can only hope…

If Star Wars: Galaxies as we know it is supposed to die, I keep a look at certain projects which I don’t mention here

May the Force be with us…

and may Sony Online Entertainment listen to it’s customers…

…hey, I can have hope, can’t I?

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