Gaming Addiction Prevention – Day 3

I know, after Day 1 comes Day 2…but I skipped it.
That’s why I jump straight to the results of Day 2 and Day 3 🙂

The results for Day 2

After sleeping a bit too long, I woke up at 10:00 local time and enjoyed a good breakfast. Then headed out into the real world to take care of some business. While I was in the „jungle“ out there I also got something for lunch…but I don’t remember what it was…doh!
I was back home at 14:30 local time and, shame on me, I failed to stay away from the computer. In the evening I had dinner with my parents and then went back to the computer…stay up until 02:00.

I know, shame on me…but I’ll see to it that Day 3 end earlier.

The results for Day 3

I was up at 09:00 and had no breakfast as I had no time…and someone stole my breakfast…
For lunch I stopped by at SubWay to enjoy a nice 6 inch Chicken Teriyaki and a Coke. Then headed back home and read a book I bought earlier. I don’t know if you know it, but it is a Star Wars book: „Darth Bane. Path of Destruction“ (It is not in English, but in German 🙁 )
Anyway, now I’m online again and I better keep an eye on the time because I don’t want to stay up as long as yesterday.

Read the finale results

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