Goodbye, my loved Aladdin

Aladdin in 1999Dear Aladdin, rabbit of mine.
I knew you since 1999, back then you were so little, I feared I would hurt you when holding you in my hands or on my arm.

The day we met the first time was a great day. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was warm…a perfect Easter day and of course you were the best Easter gift I ever received.

Since then we developed an interesting relationship. Although you didn’t hate me, sometimes you were like a fury to me. Maybe not during the first days…but after a year or so you found it funny to try to bite me. You needed to taste a human, didn’t you? You also scratched me, but after all, you always enjoyed it when I pet you or when you got your food…

Aside our special relationship we had a lot of fun…if you had no fun, then I had some…like that one time we went to your yearly check at the vet. You tried to escape while we waited in the waiting room. You jumped out of the basket we used to carry you around. As you landed on the floor-stone you learned that you will slip on there, making it very easy for me to catch you again. Well, the others people laughed about that, as did I although I was surprised by your move…
Or the first time we had you at the vet. When we learned that you are female although another person said you would be male…

In the last few years we kinda prepared ourself for the day…the day which will sooner or later arrive, no matter what we do.

Today, about eight and a half years after we first met I got a call from my grandparents. My grandma told me that you and grandpa are at the vet because of a serious wound. I grabbed the keys, jumped into the car and drove to the vet. There I saw the wound…I don’t want to describe it…but I knew that it was bad.

We waited about an hour for our turn, just to receive the bad news. It is not possible to cure the wound as it was discovered too late. I wish you would have „told“ us about that injury earlier because then we may have been able to save you…

The vet told us that there is only one option left and so she went ahead, narcotizing you to free you from the pain…

Everyone in my family are missing you. At least I know you don’t have pain anymore…yet I wish I could have been together with you for a longer time…

Thank you for the 8 1/2 years of fun, tears, fears and love.
Goodbye, Aladdin.
Goodbye my loved rabbit.
Goodbye, I love you.

Rest in Peace
Aladdin in 1999

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  1. I know how you feel at the moment, our first dog got also narcotized because of a tumor and because he was to old for an operation.
    She will watch you, I’m sure.

  2. My sympathy to you on your loss dear. You did the kindest thing in letting her go so that she would not suffer any more.

    The memories of the fun you had and the love you felt for her will stay with you always.

    *BIG HUG*

  3. Viky:
    I know she is watching me. I believe in the Force and Aladdin is now a part of the Force…so I do see her 🙂

    Thanks for your kind words, but it looks like you got as confused as we were when we learned she is a female. We took a male name, and kept it even after the vet told us she is a female…*whips a tear away and chuckles*…I wish I had seen my face when the vet told us that truth…

    I really hope she didn’t suffer because we don’t know for how long she was ill before that wound occured…anyway, I try to stick to positive memories and thoughts instead of pondering about what could have been…

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