Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s DayI wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you know…

  • As a joke, Valentine’s Day is also referred to as „Singles Awareness Day„.
  • In Japan, the women are giving chocolate as gift to their husbands, male colleagues and bosses. In return they can expect to receive white chocolate a month later (March 14th, also referred to as „White Day“ or „St. White’s Day“. Hence the white chocolate.)
  • The tradition of the Valentine’s Day is believed to have its roots in the myth of Saint Valentine who died as a Christian martyr.
  • Qi Xi is the Chinese equivalent to the Valentine’s Day.

Last but not least I direct some of my Valentine greetings to one special person.

My (online) girlfriend Viktoria:
I wish I could see you today and give you many roses. Usually you receive red roses, but if there is a rose with your name…I believe you can imagine that I prefer taking those. Aside the roses, I’d take up the japan tradition although it’d be altered a bit. I would give you white chocolate as addition to the roses.

Actually, as I think about it, I’d give anything just to be with you right now. I assume it would be a greater gift for both of us than any rose or chocolate could be.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image: Erochan

2 Gedanken zu „Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. *blushes*
    I know comment is a bit late ^.^ but had not enough time before 🙁
    Thanks honey 🙂 thats really very nice, I didnt expect that, was really a surprise. But a nice one 😉
    Thanks again :-*

  2. You know that I would do almost everything just to see you, hold you in my arms…
    Writing this was the last thing I could do, since we couldn’t see us on Valentine’s Day 🙁

    well, I’m happy that my surprise was a success. 🙂

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