’s new face LogoAs you probably recognized already, my blog received some attention which resulted in an upgraded look.

It is not a complete „revamp“ of the design, I still stick to my header image and the colors, but in total the design changed to the better…I hope…

What has been changed?

1. The whole page has now a higher width than before. The old design, or RuelickeNet v1 as I call it, used to be about 800px width and this one now uses a width of about 960 px.

2. With the increased amount of space, I re-designed the sidebar and de-cluttered it.

3. The display of the articles changed and the page list view now shows only 5 articles at a time.

4. The font size and line height were increased for a better reading experience.

5. The style for any link on my blog changed.

6. Influenced by Michael’s subscription promotion part of the Pro Blog Design design, I also optimized my subscription part to be more eye catching.

7. Although you can’t see it, I’m now using the latest Google Analytics code

What is new? v11. My blog now features an Entrecard.

2. You can see my latest tweet in the sidebar.

3. Added a background image to the main part of the blog.

What is planned?

Right now I still have a few minor things to add to the design and most likely to fix (like the page view of attachments). I intend to have a pagination additional to the „previous entry“ and „latest entry“.
I still have to add my valid XHTML/CSS badges and there are a few more minor things to do.

Just keep the eyes open and maybe you see the tiny updates.

What do you think about the new Design? Or do you prefer the old one?

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  1. The change looks nice, things look better in place now and you also managed to keep the old look to the design in the process.

    There are some little things though which could be done different, like the style under your links in the text, it looks like it’s dotted underline or perhaps dashed, but they clutch together on parts. Not sure if this is just an issue with firefox or not, know I had the same when I was playing around with my underlining in the past though.

    Also everything is nicely in line now except the google ad below the comment field, I’d say center it below the comment field or place it in line with the comment field (10px to the right or so?)

    Like what you did to the sidebar though, even though it’s quite big it doesn’t really look too big, I suppose that comes due to the increased text size. Did give a good space though to place links and categories in a tidy fashion.

  2. The Google ad at the bottom of the page is one of the minor things I still need to play with. But thanks for the reminder 🙂

    The links: unvisited links are underlined and visited links are dotted. All browsers seem to have some issues with the dotted borders so I’ll see how I gonna change it.

    My major change goal of the new design was the increased font size. After some time I got tired of the „small“ size and since I intended to give the page a larger width, I also adjusted the font size.

    At the same time I tried to keep about the same width for the articles and as I had a very small sidebar before it does look a bit odd with the new sidebar. I got used to it but if I hear some people asking for a smaller sidebar maybe I’ll adjust it then 🙂

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