Discovered: TPILB-Project

I just found this interesting project named „This Page Intentionally Left Blank (TPILB) on the Net. It is about adding a blank page to your website intentionally.

Maybe you wonder why one would do it, well, it is supposed to remember of the days where the printed manuals had some blank pages….

In former times printed manuals had some blank pages, usually with the remark „this page intentionally left blank“.
In most cases there had been technical reasons for that.
Today almost all blank pages disappeared and if some still exist here and there, they present flattery comments like „for your notes“ instead of the real truth: This page intentionally left blank!

quoted from the official TPILB-Project website

However, I decided to add such a page to my blog. Have a look and enjoy this nice blank page! 🙂

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