Star Wars: Galaxies – „Dev Chat“

This interview never took place, however it reflects the mood of the majority of the Star Wars: Galaxies players. This majority is also known as the Star Wars: Galaxies Veterans and obviously Sony Entertainment keeps on failing to listen to this majority when it comes to game development/changes.
Today another friend of mine decided to quit Star Wars: Galaxies, so I think it is justified to post this fake Dev Chat log, which was originally planned as introduction of my other article but was left out…now I took the time to make it even better.

Well, enjoy the one or the other not so funny joke about Sony Online Entertainment and what they are doing with this great game.

Note: This „chat“ is not following a time line, it is more a mash up of past, current and up-coming events.

The Dev Chat

About 50 players are in the chat room, experience ranging from none to veteran. After some heated discussions the Sony Online Entertainment staff announced for tonights chat joins the channel.

SOE_X: Good evening, I’m X, the lead programmer of Star Wars: Galaxies.
SOE_Y: Hi, I’m Y, one of the designers of Star Wars: Galaxies.
SOE_Z: Hello, my name is Z and I’m the public relations manager for Star Wars: Galaxies. Tonight we are here to reply to as many questions as possible. So, let’s get started
n00b_A: Hi, I plan to get the game but fear that it will be too hard for me to get started. I heard some people saying that the beginning is really tough…
SOE_Z: No worries, at the beginning of the game is a tutorial and a tutorial quest location, so you have all the time you need to get used to the game. Also you can visit the official forums and ask around, even without using the forum search. Older players will be more than welcome to help you.
n00b_B: A player spam advertised in-game about a website where I can buy in-game credits. I bought 10 mil credits, but they never arrived ***n00b_B has been banned***
n00b_G: I’m playing the game for a few weeks now, but it is so hard to decide on the professions. Can’t you make it easier by reducing the amount of professions?
SOE_X: We are currently working on the next update which will introduce a new game play system and a limited amount of iconic profession to help you and other new players to have an easier start than any of the veterans ever had.
player_W: I’m working on becoming a Jedi for almost a year now, but so far I failed. Will the new update you mentioned before also make it easier to become a Jedi?
SOE_X: Yes, the Jedi class will be one of the iconic professions. It will allow you to become a Jedi like anyone else. It is no longer something special, reserved for only some players who invested a lot of time to grind this class.

Some more questions of newer players and n00bs follow, then the Veterans have their chance to ask questions

Vet_1: You stated that you plan to reduce the amount of professions we can choose. Why are you destroying the diversity we have at the moment? I mean, it isn’t that hard to get started and it is easy to select a profession and respec later if you don’t like it. Is this update like another CU, which will make even more of us leave?

About 15 minutes pass with no reply.

Vet_2: What will happen with the players who unlocked and fully grinded their Jedi? Isn’t it like a punch into the face if you make such a change now? Also, what will happen with the players who are working to become a Padawan, the first real step to the Jedi?

Another 15 minutes pass

Vet_32: Hello? Are you still there? Why does no one listen to us who played the game since it came out? Doesn’t our opinion count anymore? I’m sure I won’t be the only one who will stop playing…looks like you are only interested in our money

Vet_32 gets cut off because the Sony Online Entertainment staff has to leave in a rush

SOE_Z: Yes, our time is over. Thanks for everyone who attend tonights Developer Chat. We hope you had as much fun as we had and we are looking forward to chat with you again at the next Dev Chat.

The Sony Online Entertainment staff leaves the room, shortly followed by the veteran players

n00b_01: Can someone tell me how to open my inv….oh…where are the veterans…

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