Gaming Addiction Prevention – Day 1

After I the results of my reflection of my computer usage I decided to give you a regular update on my progress and feelings.

First of all let’s have a look at what I need to change to ensure that I won’t become addicted to computers:

  1. Spend less time at the computer
  2. Solving problems with my parents
  3. Getting a job until my job education starts
  4. Stop skipping meals
  5. Stop failing to attend to personal hygiene
  6. Get back to the regular sleep pattern

The results for Day 1

Yesterday I went to bed earlier than usual as preparation for my plans for the next (and the following days). My alarm clock woke me up at 08:30 local time, but I stayed in bed until 12:00…which was either a big mistake or I just had to catch the sleep I didn’t get for quite some while now. I will see what tomorrow going to bring on the terms of sleep. I then made me breakfast and lunch at the same time, no more skipping a meal!
The next 2 hours I spent trying to get a job, with no success 🙁
So I decided to switch my computer on and listen to some music while doing some cleanup. Worked well, especially because I did not log on with any messenger until 14:30 local time. Even then I spent the major time away from the keyboard (computer).
Now it is 18:00 and I think I can use the computer for a bit, AFTER I made me something to eat…no idea what it going to be, but I’m sure it will be tasty 🙂

As I’m talking about food…I’m hungry, so I better hurry up…

Right now I’m feeling a bit sleepy, so I’m sure I will go to bed as early as yesterday, maybe a bit earlier.

End of Day 1 – See you tomorrow or so, depending on the time I spent at the computer 😉

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