Gaming Addiction Prevention – Finale

My personal program is finally over…I believe…

As you most likely know I started this on June 18th, a day after my post about Computer / Gaming Addiction.
Although I planned to post a regular update on my progress, things turned out different as my real life kept me busy and didn’t allow me to spent time on updating my progress.

So, here they are…

The final results

As I said already, „RL“ kept me quite busy, so I did manage to turn down my computer usage to a certain degree. Well, the last days kept me at my computer, but I was working on it to write a website for the German actor Thorsten Kramer. As soon as the page is done, I will give you an info on here 🙂

I still have minor problems with my parents, but everything else is ok now and the remaining problems will soon be solved, I’m sure 🙂

So far I had no luck with getting a job to keep me busy until my job education starts…but I keep on trying. The website for the actor is some kind of job…but not the one which will get me a lot of money…

I managed to stop skipping meals, except the one or the other time. But that should be ok, I guess 🙂

I still have a problem with my sleep pattern…but if you have nothing else to do each day, it should be understandable…anyway, I keep on working on it.

Well, that’s it.
After keeping an eye on all the things I decided to change I think I did well.

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