Help, I’m melting! – 5 Ways to stay cool on a hot day

I’m not really melting, but it was a very hot today with a maximum of 45°C/113°F in the sun.

I assume I had less problems with the heat than anyone else around me, that’s why I decided to tell you my secrets to stay cool and survive the day.

5 ways to stay cool on a hot day

1. Don’t drink cold or chilled drinks

Yes, you read it right. It is the worst thing you can do. If you drink something chilled, your body produces more heat to warm you up again.
It is better to drink something hot or at least at room temperature. That way you will sweat more which will keep you cool.

2. Drink a lot

You loose a lot of water because of sweating, so you need to fill your reserves up. Drinking about 3 liters a day is the best thing you can do, BUT don’t drink alcohol, coffee or tea as they prevent the body from storing the water.

3. Don’t eat heavy food

While digesting food, your body creates heat…which we don’t want, do we? Instead eat fresh stuff like fruits or salads. You can even eat the one or the other ice, but not en mass as my first point also applies for ice.

4. Stay in the shadow…

…or inside. If you are directly in the sun, you will transpire more sweat, loosing more water…which sums up to something not healthy for you 😉
You also reduce the possibility to get skin cancer.

5. Only move as much as you have to

My favorite method. If you have work to do, only do the important work. See which work you can do later, when it is cooler.
Moving/working creates heat and we don’t want to get heated up more than we are already.

That’s it. I hope my tips are helpful.

Stay cool and be safe 🙂

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