Stop-shield – Take-away in Italy

Well, as you all might know, I was on a school trip in Italy, near Florence. The trip was chaotic but we had a lot of fun.

Now what I want to show is this:Bus accident

the accident we had with the bus on the parking area of a supermarket in Montecatini (city where our hotel was).

this:Stop-shield - Take-away in Italy

a pic of how the bus looked like after it was in repair (dont know what they repaired but ok ;-)), they said it was not that important, but it looks cruel…

Well, now 2 pics I took the evening after the accident: Stop-shield - Take-away in Italy Stop-shield - Take-away in Italy

(the first pic is with how many bottles they started the drinking, the second how they finished, well one bottle is missing at the end ;-))

Finally this pic:Stop-shield - Take-away in Italy

a pantomime, a friend and of course me(left side) 🙂

Now when my classmate has finished the DVD with all pics everyone made I can add some pictures from the beach trip 🙂

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