Lord of the Rings Online – 3 Day Trial

Did you hear about Lord of the Rings Online – Shadows of Angmar and could not decide if you should try it?

Well, I got a 3 day trial for you. I have 8 6 2 0 keys left, so if you want to get one of the keys, send me an email or post a comment with your email.
The key only works for the EUROPEAN Lord of the Rings Online.

You need to do the following steps before you use the key:

Download the Client:
3D downloads

Install it, then create an account at codemasters.com (or login) and use the trial key. Creating a codemaster account is for free.

Please note that they trial time starts to count as soon as you use the key.

Update: I have no keys left, I’m sorry if you are still looking for a key. Maybe I will get another set of keys soon. I will post it on here of course 🙂

10 Gedanken zu „Lord of the Rings Online – 3 Day Trial

  1. Hello there. I would like to try out LOTRO. So If you got an account key to spare I would appreciate using it 😛

    I was directed here by an old friend. You should know him, he’s an old guildmate of yours. Jedikj

    Me and Jedikj is trying to get a few keys, so a bunch of us can try out Lotro a weekend together.

    I really hope you can spare a key.


  2. I’d love to get a key if you still have any left mate! my email is : ville_moilanen at yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance…

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