Upcoming changes…

wow, 4 Blog news in a row…I really need to change that…

Anyway, here are my plans for future articles:

  • Continuing the Tutorials
  • Adding JavaScript and CSS to the Tutorials, maybe even some MySQL stuff
  • Adding code snipplets to the Tutorial sections. These are for public use and are not a real tutorial although I may explain a few things of the code…
  • Revamping the Review Category. I will stick with Games, Music and Software for now, but I will present a better review system soon.
  • Starting the Review series with some details about my computer and how I will test and review Games and Software.
  • I’ll continue stumbling around on the Net to find interesting YouTube videos or other „StumbleUpon“ stuff

On a side note:
I finally had the time to get rid of the ugly YouTube (and other) „embed“ code and turn it into the nice „object“ version.
Special thanks to A List Apart as they have an article about the „embed to object“ conversion.

I forgot to mention it above: I switched from blog.ruelicke.net to www.ruelicke.net as I don’t need extra domains for the blog and for my main page anymore. As of today the blog is my main page. 🙂

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