Review – How I evaluate and on which computer configuration

The following is not required for my music reviews, so if you only want to know how I review music, you can skip this part.

Computer Configuration

If you are evaluating a game or any other kind of software, you need to know the hardware specifications and the environment of the computer.
So before I explain how I evaluate software let me give you some details about my computer.

Hardware Specification

Software Environment

Evaluating Software

#1 Note: There are slight differences when it comes to Games. These differences are indicated by italic text.

I’m giving points from 0 to 5, with 5 points being the best.
At the end, all points are summed up and divided to giving an overall point ranging from 0 (worst) to 5 (best).

When I’m evaluating a software or game I have the following rating categories with a few elements.
For the elements and category point calculation I also use the sum up/divide method. I have an example at the end of the categories list 🙂

#2 Note: If a software is for free, I will leave a few elements out. The excluded elements will be mentioned in the review article.

The Look

  • First Look – What kind of impression makes the case of the software?
  • Installation – Neat design or something you can’t call a design?
  • First Time – The impression you get when you run the software for the first time.
  • Requirements and Look – Comparison between the look and the minimum requirements as stated by the game description.

Installation Process

  • Time – How long does it take?
  • Complexity – Difficult or easy to install?
  • Other – Autostart? Reboot required?

Usage and Performance

  • Requirements, Look and actual performance – Does the Software run as expected? (Games: Frame-Lag or is it running smooth?)
  • Complexity – Easy to use/play?
  • Learning Curve – Is it easy to get into the software/game or does it take a lot of time?
  • Games: Multiplayer – Easy to get into the online part of the game and do you have fun online?
  • Games: Singleplayer – Is the „SP“ short or extensive? Can you reach the level goal easily or not?
  • Bugs – I don’t like these nasty little things…

Personal Impression
Although the above categories are already influenced by my personal impressions, I add this one to express my final opinion.

So, how do I calculate the points software X? Let me show you an example, which is not a game:

The Look
First Look – 4 points of 5 (4/5)
Installation – (5/5)
First Time – (3/5)
Requirements and Look (3/5)
–> 3.75 of 5 points for The Look

Installation Process
Time – (1/5)
Complexity – (4/5)
Otherinsert explanation… (3/5)
–> 2.66 of 5

Usage and Performance
Requirements, Look and actual performance – (4/5)
Complexity – (3/5)
Learning Curve – (3/5)
Bugs – (0/5)
–> 2.5 of 5

now we sum each category up:
–> 2.97 points of 5, so the software is moderate, not really good but not bad either 🙂

Easy to understand, I hope.

Evaluating Music

Since the taste for music differs I will only provide a personal review of the music, mentioning how much the music costs, how it looks like and so on.
Depending on the music I extend my review on demand while I will stick to my 0 to 5 points evaluation system. Basically I can say that at the end of the music review I will give points. You can tell that this is really influenced by my taste, so don’t take the review too serious 🙂

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