X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter World – Relaunched

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way… Star Wars®

Star Wars®

Episode 2007


As the mighty LucasArts™ continues to ignore the calls of hundreds of thousands of X-Wing and TIE Fighter pilots a small group of fearless veterans try to keep all pilots together.

With the attempt to have all the shattered forces and communities meet at one place, the veterans work on showing the evil LucasArts™ that a huge community is out there, waiting for another X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter® or X-Wing Alliance®.

While working on the final goal of a new Star Wars® space simulator game, the veterans, pilots and communities work on mod, improve, edit existing games with the hope that LucasArts™ recognizes the wishes of them…


You think this is the beginning of a tale? You are wrong. This intro is the summary of what X-wing vs TIE Fighter World is working on. Actually the project was initiated a while ago but died to a certain degree as the forums got infested by spam bots.

Now they made a relaunch with a new website which is suits more to the needs of the project and which is hopefully protected against Spambots.

Why am I telling you about this project?

First of all because I’m also one of these X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter® and X-Wing Alliance® veterans, but another reason is that I think this project needs all the help it can get.

LucasArts™ last spaceflight simulation games was X-Wing Alliance® and it was released back in 1999. Since then we had no other Star Wars® space simulation!
Ok, Star Wars: Battlefront 2® has a space fight included, but it is not a real space simulator like X-Wing®, TIE Fighter®, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter® or X-Wing Alliance®.

X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter® and X-Wing Alliance® are still being played these days, even after the MSN Zone closed the respective game lounges and kicking a whole community into the abyss.

Fortunately a veteran, known as Stresser, created a zone-like program named Errant Venture. However, the majority of the old X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter® and X-Wing Alliance® players didn’t hear about it, yet. While famous Star Wars® clubs/clans like the New Republic Navy (NRN), The Rebel Allegiance (TRA) or The Fighter Alliance (TFA) keep on playing the games, their members are decreasing because other players don’t know that there are still people out there playing these games.

So what is to do?

  1. Go, get your old X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter® and/or X-Wing Alliance® discs and become an active pilot again!
  2. Advertise Errant Venture!
  3. Sign up and participate at X-wing vs TIE Fighter World!
  4. Bug LucasArts™ to get us a new Star Wars spaceflight simulator!
  5. Spread the word! (ThumbUp, Digg or whatever this article)

It is time to do something, so let’s do it now!

Meanwhile, which one of the following Star Wars® spaceflight simulators do you like more, and why?


P.S.: Sorry for that …uh… prominent intro, but I think it fits in this case 🙂

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