Star Wars: Soldiers vs. Jedi by Marco Ruelicke

This is my first Star Wars fan fiction story I ever wrote.
Right now I’m working on at least one more story, although I will need a bit time before I can publish it on here.

Please keep in mind that Star Wars and anything related is courtesy of Lucasfilm, thus all rights are reserved.
The characters I’m using in the following short story are either invented or the character of an online friend of mine.

You may pass this story along as long as you mention me as the author and have a link to my website.
Maybe you also drop me a line, so I know if you liked the story and considered worth spreading around 🙂

I would like to thank George Lucas for allowing writers like me to write fan fiction staged in the Star Wars universe.
I also want to thank him for the fact that he invented Star Wars, without him I wouldn’t be able to publish this story.

Soldiers vs. Jedi

„Man, how many of those are there?“ asked Silverwolf as the elevator we called arrived.

„Silverwolf!“ I said as I activated my silver lightsaber. „Go on ahead! I’ll hold them off!“

„You too?“

„It’s the only way! Time is growing short! We don’t have time to take them all down! Go!“ Silverwolf and Rinlul walked inside the turbo-elevator and pushed the button two floors below them.

„Good luck!“ said Rinlul as the door closed. I turned to the guards.

„I need no luck“ I said as I raised my lightsaber. „The Force is with me.“

After I sensed that my friends are moving away with the elevator, I tried to find out more about my opponents. I sensed fear and anger by some of them, so I decided to use a mind trick to let some of them run away.

I stretched my mind to fill their minds with horror and angst. But as I tried it, they suddenly disappeared in the Force. So my conclusion was that there must be at least one Ysalamiri. At least Luke trained me to handle such a situation. So I activated my silver saber and spoke: „Turn around and go, now. I don’t wanna hurt you.“

A man, who seemed to be the leader, answered: „No, we don’t retreat. We gonna kill you. You are not able to defend yourself while the Ysalamiri are here, Jedi! Soldiers, attack him!!“

Within a second after he said this, I drew my blaster and started to fire at them. The Officer was killed by two blasts, one into the stomach the second into his face. I think I hit some more, but I couldn’t stay there, so I jumped behind some crates and continued firing. Some more fell down and then I felt them suddenly in the Force again. Strange, but it doesn’t matter.

I grabbed my saber harder as I got a strange feeling. I jumped with a summersault forward to the soldiers, kicked some of them away and killed some others with a hit of the blade. Shortly thereafter, the crates exploded. Someone had thrown a thermal detonator.

The soldiers had a good training. As soon as they saw that I can use the Force again, they threw their blasters away and attacked me with staffs and fists. So I couldn’t use their blasters against them and had to change my tactic. I used my saber to hit their staffs and my left hand to punch them, knocking them out. Suddenly I was hit by a staff, but luckily no dangerous damage was caused. I turned around using the energy the hit gave me and blocked the second attack with my saber’s grip. But it broke into two parts. I was shocked. With a blast of the force, I threw the soldiers against the wall and grab the two pieces of my former lightsaber. But as I had a short look at them I saw it. My grand grandfather had two sabers! They where stick together for a better transport and because of the age they got rusty and couldn’t be used in the two saber mode anymore. And now luck, I mean the Force, gave me two sabers. I activated both and as the last soldiers saw them, they started to retreat.

„That’s right, guys. It’s time to go,“ I shouted. „And don’t come back. Next time you won’t have so much luck.“ After I dealt with some minor injuries, I called the elevator as I felt the others coming. They found me standing in front of the turbo elevators, with my two silver lightsabers in my hands.

„Hum…WW?“ said Eddie. „Since when do you have two lightsabers?“

„Long story.“ I said. I pointed to the elevator behind me. „Silverwolf and Rinlul went down there. Two floors below this one.“

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