5 Gedanken zu „Time is an evil thing…

  1. phew, thank godness 😉

    I gonna try to write some articles during class at school because in most of them I have Internet access. Well, I better see to it that I get more articles done because last week I had 0 articles, excluding this one here 😥

  2. Remember, internet access isn’t even needed ;). You can just type it up somewhere up front and post it later, so all needed would be a computer :D.

  3. I know, Slevi, I just prefer to type my articles and do some additional research while typing them 🙂

    Well, there are cases where I’m at the computer at school but they disabled the Internet for the lesson…but I’m still able to type my articles offline 🙂

  4. I personally was of the opinion that writing articles was always much more important than class…

    Anyhow. I’d say that as long as you write something once every week or so you’ll be fine (at least to maintain your blog).

    Good luck,

    – Mason

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