Yo, what’s up man? – Not much…

Yet another week passed with this blog being very quiet. So let me explain why I was so lazy had no time to write any kind of article.


Happy Holidays…

…or vacations, which ever word you prefer.

This week I had vacations and I tried to enjoy them. I didn’t really succeed, but I didn’t fail either:
Originally I intended to stay away from the computer as much as possible, just to get some distance and to prove once more that I’m not computer or gaming addicted. At the end it turned out that I spent some time at the computer, mainly playing World of Warcraft and working on the homepage of Thorsten Kramer.

My vacations also helped to come up with some more ideas for articles, so stay tuned for them.

That’s all for now, I need to write some articles, if you excuse me…


I almost forgot something:

Matt at Webmaster-Source announced that there will be a Webmaster-Source Podcast coming soon. He is currently looking for a title for said podcast and he is looking for a blogger willing to give an interview through Skype (or talk about some blogging-related subject). So have a look, maybe you are the one with the perfect name for the podcast…or you are one of those „on-air“ with the podcast. (Yes, I told him I would be up for it.)

As I’m already talking about Webmaster-Source: Thanks, Matt, for having my blog on his list of „The Coolest Web Designs On The Planet„!

4 Gedanken zu „Yo, what’s up man? – Not much…

  1. I guess I just haven’t noticed the drops. Well, I think I saw them before, but I forgot. I don’t subscribe your blog, but I drop in now and then.

  2. I guess that’s the point where I could say you should subscribe 😉

    well, even an occasional visitor is more than welcomed here 🙂

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