StumbleUpon – Getting boring?

StumbleUpon - Getting boring?I don’t know, but lately I have less fun using StumbleUpon. But why is that? I mean, it is still working the same way and due to the fact that StumbleUpon is learning which type of content you prefer, you always stumble through websites with something that interests you…at least most of the time.

Duplicate Content

is one of the major problems a StumbleUpon user encounters and there is no way to prevent this from happening!

I stopped counting how often I saw one and the same picture, article, „lolcat“…whatever…again and again. Usually, I give a thumb up the first time. The next time I just ignore it…and then? Well, if I give it a thumb down, it will mess up the system because although I like it, I say I wouldn’t like it… I wish there was a way to report duplicate content.

No real fresh content

comes along with the duplicate content issue.

If I don’t stumble upon duplicate content, I either discover older articles or articles on topics, which I read about already. So it is nothing new for me. Maybe the style is different, still, it is kind of the same content. I don’t know how StumbleUpon can prevent this from happening, but if they could implement something that deals with that…I would use it more again.

Neutral Thumb

where are you?

You know the problem: StumbleUpon presents you a page, but you can’t say that you like nor dislike it. What now? Right, nothing. You can’t give a thumb up, you can’t give a thumb down. So you just stumble on. But that’s not the real thing. You kind of like/dislike that page so it would be good if StumbleUpon would add it to your personal filter. Yet there has such an option to be implemented. (Maybe the Premium/Sponsor Members have such an option?)

Premium Account

or better known as Sponsorship

To be honest, I see no benefit from becoming a Sponsor. Maybe someone can actually give me any good reasons to upgrade.

Wrap Up

Well, I won’t cancel my account, nor do I stop stumbling. I just do it less often and, the good part of the story, I’m no longer StumbleUpon addicted. What about you? Are you still stumbling like you did after you stumble upon StumbleUpon (pun intended) or is your stumble activity ceasing?

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