Argument at school ends in stabbing

17-year old injured after confrontation at vocational academy

Ambulance in front of the Blindow-AkademieA 17 year old female student of the Blindow-Berufsakademie was seriously injured by an 20 year old male classmate after a confrontation at the private school. As police spokesman Siegfried Koch said, the victim suffered from multiple cut and stab injuries at body and face. Also, the offender has to be treated at the hospital under observation – he has taken sleeping pills additionally to alcohol, after his own statement. It is still unclear what led to the bloody confrontation.

The principal of the Blindow-Akademie heard the screams of the 17 year old girl from the corridor in the school, so the police. „As he wanted to help her, he found her lying and bleeding in front of the entrance. The offender, who was standing next to her, had a firearm and a knife in his hands“ said Koch. The police reacted to the emergency call at the vocational school at 13:00 local time with a large squad. The officers were equipped with bullet prove vests and machine guns. Koch justified: „We take such emergencies very serious.“

My part of the story

Crime investigators in front of the schoolI myself (fortunately or unfortunately) didn’t see or hear what happened. At first my friends, classmates and I didn’t even know what was going on…but let’s start from the beginning:

We had our German lesson as suddenly the janitor showed up. He talked with our teacher who then told us that the lesson is over for now. Obviously she didn’t know what was going on either. Anyway, as we tried to leave the building, we were stopped by an police officer wearing a bullet prove vest and carrying a machine pistole, a MP5 if I’m not wrong. All of us were confused and as the class president I tried to find out what was going on.

One floor above us was a girl, shocked and saying something about a girl friend being stabbed. Then I talked with the janitor who told me the same. As I shared my information with my classmates, we calmed down a little bit, however, we were still confused. About 15 minutes later we were told to leave the building through the back entrance.

Since I had to get my bicycle, I walked with a friend to the main entrance, entered the school yard and got my bike. There we even got a few more details on the event. These details are more or less mentioned in the part above. Well, I thought about getting a hold of my class teacher, but as I saw he was busy, I decided that I can wait.

I went home and dug through the net to get more information which I now presented to you. I will keep you updated on what is happening at school during the next days and weeks.

Update #1:
Latest news revealed that the condition of the girl is critical. Also revealed was the fact that the offender was a former student.

Editorial Note:
Images are courtesy of and Jan Möbius. I translated the article of the MZ to provide facts additional to my own experience of the event.

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