BlogCast – Pilot Episode needs YOUR suggestion

BlogCast - On AirFor those of you who don’t visit Webmaster-Source a short information on what the hell I’m talking about in the headline:

Matt at Webmaster-Source started a new project which adds to his blog. This project is a podcast about blogging and webmastering as these podcasts are quite rare. After searching for a name and volunteers for his podcast he choose BlogCast as title.
I don’t know how many other people volunteered to be a guest in his podcast, but I do know that I received the honor to be his first guest in the pilot episode. I guess this is the right place to say thanks to Matt!

Back to the headline

It is easier and faster to quote Matt right away:

What Do YOU Want Us to Talk About?

Marco of and I will be talking about a blog-related topic on the upcoming pilot episode of BlogCast. The only problem is neither of us have decided on a topic yet. 😀

So, here’s my question for all of you: What do you want us to talk about?

Is there something that you want to know more about? Leave a comment, and we’ll consider your idea.

Of course you are welcome to leave a comment on my blog, but it would be a little bit easier for us, if you also leave a comment at Webmaster-Source.

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