My Mini City

My Mini CityA friend of mine told and showed me this interesting browser game.

It is called „MyMiniCity“ and it is very easy to play, if you can actually say „playing“:
First of all you create your own mini city (or not, if you prefer helping a friend…)
My mini city is called Coruin City, not a fancy name but I have to live with it. After you created your city you visit it each day once. You can also bug your friends or fellow bloggers to visit the page each day.

When you or someone else visits the page, a new citizen will „move“ to your city, making it grow. Once a certain amount of citizen are living in your mini city, you get more options to increase parts of your mini city. These options are:

The first option exists right from the beginning and since my mini city is still young I can’t tell when I will unlock the next option. Once I unlock the next option(s), I’ll update this post.

I hope I woke your interest for this neat browser game. Let me know if you also start a mini city or if you decided to help me with my mini city.

Update 2008-01-30: I finally unlocked the „Increase Industry“ option with 50 citizens

9 Gedanken zu „My Mini City

  1. I see you’ve discovered MyMinyCity. 😀 I saw it on Digg a couple days ago, and created one. It’s an interesting idea. By the way, my city is called BloggyVille.

    P.S. Why does your comment form have two CAPTCHAs?

  2. I’ll keep on visiting your city to help it growing 🙂

    @two captchas: That’s new to me…I’ll have a look at it later. Thanks for letting me know about it 🙂

  3. Visited your city 😛 . Came around it a while ago in some online community, kinda funny. Haven’t made my own city though, I’d just fail horribly anyways and be like rated nearly last in my country 😛 .

    Slevi’s last blog post..Home sweet home?

  4. 😆 as far as I know there is nothing to win or to loose, so if you have friends who visit your city, you should do fine 😉

  5. Keep on trying, Matrix. The only thing you can achieve is getting banned 😈

    I’ll keep on visiting your city, too 🙂

    @redwall: update on the captcha…I got rid of it as I can’t fix the bug…

  6. hehe, I think I wont make my own city, but I keep visiting yours 🙂
    and if matrix is nice and friendly, perhaps his too 😛 😉

  7. Viky, sweetheart , as a permanent citizen of my (or should I say our?) city I count on you visiting the city 😉

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