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MaintenanceA few days ago Matt at Webmaster-Source and Michael at Pro Blog Design published articles about optimizing the load time of a blog and plugins to get more comments

Influenced by their articles I decided to review and optimize my own blog. Some of the mentioned plugins and optimizations I had already in use, a few I added as result of reading said articles:

You could call this some kind of heavy maintenance, so I’m now interested on some feedback. How do you like the new comment plugins? Does the site load slower or faster or did it stay the same? Any reply is much appreciated, especially feedback about the loading time of my blog 🙂

I moved all javascript used on my site to the foot which should reduce the loading time a lot more.
Please let me know if something is now broken 🙂

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  1. Still pretty much the same loading time as before, it’s mainly google analytics on which it hangs for a split second when loading.DoFollow enabled is a nice thing, the way it should be on any blog if you ask me. I use another plugin for it myself, namely Lucia’s Link Love, this one enables the dofollow after a certain amount of comments but asides from that no difference.

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  2. Michael at Pro Blog Design found out that Link Love doesn’t work with the latest WordPress anymore otherwise I would use Link Love 🙂

    @Google Analytics: hm…I guess I see how many of my JavaScript I can move to the bottom, that includes Analytics but also a few other scripts. That should reduce the loading time a bit.

  3. Just a minor update:
    I have NicEdit currently disabled as I had no time to adjust the style in the code to the new design. I intend to re-activate the WYSIWYG editor as soon as possible

  4. This is very interesting. You are showcasing a editable text box that has been rewired! How the hell is that a great example of the script and why would anyone be impressed with it? I’m sick of sites boasting to have ftu’s and wysiwyg editors that do not work unless altered in some way. The search continues.

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