Finds of the Month January 2008

I know such a link list should be posted on the last day of the month but as some things didn’t go like I planned I have to publish it now.
Well, I see it this way: Better late then never.
Especially as this is one of my many ideas to make sure that my blog gets interesting and some times random content 😉

So here we go with my

Finds of the Month

I know that many of us „computer junkies“ don’t like the idea to leave their computer even for getting something to eat. So I was very please to learn about a Keyboard Waffle Iron. I didn’t order mine yet, maybe I will do so later.

Now I know that everyone can eat while I go on with my finds, I will give you the time to use your waffle iron while watching some YouTube videos.

First of all there was a fan made Star Trek XI trailer. I really enjoyed it and especially after watching the official trailer I can’t wait until Christmas.

After the trailer I discovered an odd and a…well…funny video. The first one is Leonard Nimoy singing the „Ballad of Bilbo Baggins„. The second one shows what kind of fun you can have if you replace the horn of your car with the one of a train. In short, train horns are fun.

Not a YouTube video, yet still interesting is this video about amazing crash tests.

I remember a comedian (I forgot who it was) performing a „Who“ joke. The joke was build up between a fake George W. Bush and a fake Condoleezza Rice. George asks her who the new leader of China is and she replaces that Hu (speak „who“) the new leader is. A very funny piece of comedy so I was surprised to discover the original „who“ joke from 1945.

Next on the list is a short break in the form of a cute image, proving that cats are indeed silent hunters.

While we enjoy the picture, I heard that Gordon Freeman called a radio station: Gordon Freeman Calls Coast to Coast AM.

Do you like movies like Mission Impossible? Maybe you would like to know how to make your own covert spy sunglasses.

I believe in the Force, too bad that the Church of the Jedi only exists in the United Kingdom…

Can you remember that page which asks you to block Firefox? It is a part of the ongoing fight between Internet Exploder Fans and Firefox Fans. This time I discovered something mean for our Internet Exploder Fans. The page I found crashes Internet Explorer.

Last but not least I’d like to come to a more serious topic. Although I’m a very peaceful person who prefers diplomatic solutions prior to military ones I do think the soldiers deserve a „thank you“ for their work. The Gratitude Campaign explains how you can say „thank you“ without embarrassing the soldier and yourself.
The campaign is not only for saying „thank you“ to the US soldiers, but it also encourages to say „thank you“ to every person who deserves it.

So I take the opportunity and say Thank you to all my readers and friends out there.

That’s it. My first issue of Finds of the Month.
I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

P.S.: All your base a belong to us!

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