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It is not a secret that I’m a fan of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and that I’m playing the MMORPG „Lord of the Rings Online – Shadows of Angmar„. I’m playing on the European server „[EN] Snowbourn“ with a dwarf guardian as main character and a man hunter as second main.

So if you are playing on the server, feel free to send a message to either Coruin or Coroin. Maybe we can meet in-game and do some quests or raids together. Also, my kinship is looking for members, in case you don’t have a kinship, yet.

The game means a lot of fun for me and as I have a lot of creativity I decided to give the idea of writing a diary of a dwarf and publishing it on here on a regular base. Right now I’m still preparing the pilot diary entry, so I cannot say how often I will publish diary entries per week or month.

However, let me introduce the dwarf who volunteered to show entries of his personal diary:

Coroin, the Dwarf of the Blue Mountains

Coroin of the Blue MountainsCoroin is a 60 year old dwarf, born in Thorin’s Hall in Ered Luin. His real name is unknown, which is typical for Durin’s folk.

The guardian Coroin began his career in the army of the dwarves and reached some fame after defeating a group of orcs ambushing him and an injured friend, only equipped with a shield as his sword broke in a previous battle.

It is not known, who his mother or father are, but Coroin once told me that he is somehow related to Gimli, Glóin’s son. Maybe this is one reason why Coroin is also considered a friend of the elves, especially as he is able to speak a few words of Sindarin and other elven languages.

There is not much more to say about him. I believe his dairy will reveal more about him so I better end it here.

Maybe you are now wondering who I am, well, I’m Coruin of Gondor, one of the Dúnedain although raised up in Minas Tirith. I met Coroin the first time some where in the Shire and since then our path was the same. I’m probably his best friend among the race of man. Thus qualify to write a short biography about him

Mara Mesta!

2 Gedanken zu „A Dwarf’s Diary – The new serial at Ruelicke.net

  1. Wish I could play lotro too :P, unfortunately my computer couldn’t really handle it :(. Always love reading these kinda entries though, will be an interesting series :D.

  2. It will be interesting for me, too.
    Although I’m not a bad author, it is the first time I put myself under such kind of pressure 🙂

    Anyway, I’m looking forward on how it will turn out.

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