The heartbeat – A sign for being alive.

The heartbeat - A sign for being alive.It has been quite some time since my last post. About 3 month, if I’m not wrong.

A lot happened in the world since then. Quite a few updates were released for WordPress and now I have to take care of getting up to date.

Also, my feed reader collected a few thousands of articles which I couldn’t read due to not having enough time. At least there is a button which marks them all read with one click 😉

So, what happened to me which prevented the posting of new articles or at least regular messages on twitter?

First of all my real life got quite busy. I had to concentrate more on school (though some grades won’t be better this half year either) and then I got somewhat World of Warcraft addicted. I believe I have to blame my friends on the Warcraft part as they convinced me to start playing in September last year.

Aside that I was forced to reformat my computer about 2 or 3 weeks ago. My computer catched something nasty and since it had already had a lot of bugs I decided to take the opportunity and make a clean installation of Windows XP, including Service Pack 3.
I still struggle with installing a few missing programs, but my computer is more or less back to normal 🙂

Well, that’s enough for now. I better see to it that I update my blog, have a look at that new NicEdit and start writing more often on here again. I guess some of you remember that I had one or two good ideas. Of course I plan to continue them when I have the time.

So long,

P.S.: I hope Germany wins the UEFA cup 😉

4 Gedanken zu „The heartbeat – A sign for being alive.

  1. Welcome back, nearly thought you weren’t going to make it for the first year with this blog. But I believe you passed the first year by a month or 2 or so now :).

    The drug named WoW apparently can be quite a threat to blogging it seams ;).

    NicEdit looks pretty interesting, came across it before once I think as it looks familiar. Should keep that in mind and see if I could use it on my own blog one day.

    P.S.: Obviously Holland will win :D.

  2. Well, I won’t play WoW for some time now, Slevi. I got into some trouble and lost interest in the game.

    There is no sense to keep on paying for a game where you don’t have fun…

    As you see, I added NicEdit to my blog (again). I still need to do some minor adjustments, but so far it is working 🙂

  3. Looks nice in firefox so far, can play around with formatting now hehe. The text being black on the blue is a bit hard to read but I bet that’s part of the minor things you had to do still.Don’t know if you use IE7 as well but in IE7 it appears to be totally broken, being just about 25 pixels wide or so :P. Tsk tsk IE :(.

  4. hm…odd…the text isn’t black for me…

    about the IE bug…well, I actually forgot to test it with IE. I’ll check the official forum to find a solution to that. Until then, the IE user has to suffer a bit 😉

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