A Dwarf’s Diary – Thorin’s Hall, January 12th, 2958

‚Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!‘ With these words your grand-grandfather charged for the dragon who tried to conquer our home, now known as Thorin’s Hall. It was a brave move and it makes him one of the bravest dwerrows in history. Unfortunately he underestimated Smaug. I won’t tell you what exactly happened to your grand-grandfather, Coroin, not until you get older, but as you probably know, Smaug was able to defeat us and it required the help of Bilbo the Hobbit and Bard the Bowman to get our home back.

I know that the old dwarf is making up many of his stories, but this time, after looking into his eyes and how he touched his beard while telling the story…I don’t know, I’m believing him this time. I just wish he would tell me what happened with my grand-grandfather when he attacked Smaug.

Anyway, I know one thing for sure: If I ever meet an Hobbit, a Man or an Elf, I’ll become friends with them. Many of my friends don’t understand that we owe them a lot. Becoming friends with them will help all of us, even if it just means that we can trade and get more gold….

Speaking about gold, I talked with my mother about becoming a blacksmith and serving in our army. She said that she may not like the idea of another son going to the army, but she will support me. Even if she had said no, she’d have no choice but to accept it as I applied for the army and I got accepted already. Now I just have to find a master for the blacksmith training.

I can’t wait to get into touch with the fire and molten ore, to craft something beautiful….

well, I better go to bed now. I have to be up early tomorrow to start my soldier training….where did I store that sword my father gave me…ah, there it is. He told me that he got it from an Elf and that explains why the sword is so well crafted and still sharp even though it is at least 100 years old.

I can’t wait to use it against our enemies.

Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!

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