Jumpgate Evolution – Beta Signup

A while ago I received a newsletter from Codemasters about an upcoming game called „Jumpgate Evolution„:

Jumpgate Evolution is the definitive elite space combat MMO set in an intense action-packed universe. Discover three playable nations, trade valuable commodities, take part in dangerous intergalactic raids, meet and play with friends and live out the dream to become an elite hero, all-controlling commander or infamous space pirate.

Jumpgate EvolutionThe screenshots are very promising, as are the features:

  • Engage in Dog-Fights
  • Explore a huge and varied universe
  • Highly Accessible
  • Huge Space Battles
  • Three Playable Nations
  • Advanced Gameplay Systems
  • Player driven world

The game itself looks like a Eve Online variant, so one may wait for the Beta release to judge about it.

If you want to sign up for the beta, visit the Jumpgate Evolution homepage.

I’m signed up already and hope to be one of the many chosen for testing the game. What about you?

StumbleUpon and Firefox 3 – Auto-Bookmark on Thumb Up or Tag

StumbleUpon With the release of Firefox 3 our favorite distraction bar, or better known as „StumbleUpon Bar“, got a few new features some of us may like others may not want to use.

I don’t want to cover all of the new features.
I only cover one which I don’t use and I believe there are many people who don’t want to use either. I’m talking about the „save as local bookmark if thumbed up or if tagged“.

Maybe you noticed it already:

You stumble a site, you like it and you give your thumb up – Pew, and it is bookmarked.
You want to tag a site – Pew, and it is bookmarked.

I wish StumbleUpon wouldn’t set this feature to auto enabled, or at least they could ask us if we want to use this feature before enabling it. I’m not sure if they mentioned it somewhere and I’m a bit too lazy too Google for it.

Anyway, time to get rid of this feature Weiterlesen

Soundtrack To Your Life

Zita Swoon Music For Life While stumbling around through the Internet, I discovered a nice article at Skippy’s List: „Soundtrack To Your Life„.

skippy got a list with topics and a handful instructions how to fill them with music tracks to create your own, unique soundtrack for your life. It was fun to create my own soundtrack and I believe it is also a good chance to think about your life while you listen to your soundtrack.

Enough said, time to show you my soundtrack list: Weiterlesen

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s DayI wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you know…

  • As a joke, Valentine’s Day is also referred to as „Singles Awareness Day„.
  • In Japan, the women are giving chocolate as gift to their husbands, male colleagues and bosses. In return they can expect to receive white chocolate a month later (March 14th, also referred to as „White Day“ or „St. White’s Day“. Hence the white chocolate.)
  • The tradition of the Valentine’s Day is believed to have its roots in the myth of Saint Valentine who died as a Christian martyr.
  • Qi Xi is the Chinese equivalent to the Valentine’s Day.

Last but not least I direct some of my Valentine greetings to one special person.

My (online) girlfriend Viktoria:
I wish I could see you today and give you many roses. Usually you receive red roses, but if there is a rose with your name…I believe you can imagine that I prefer taking those. Aside the roses, I’d take up the japan tradition although it’d be altered a bit. I would give you white chocolate as addition to the roses.

Actually, as I think about it, I’d give anything just to be with you right now. I assume it would be a greater gift for both of us than any rose or chocolate could be.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image: Erochan

Burnout-Syndrom – Am I in danger?

Out of FuelAs my closer friends know, I’m quite a busy man. Not only do I have to go to school, take care of multiple websites (in my spare time!) and of course also my other tasks in real life, but I’m also part of a very old online gaming club named the New Republic Navy. If I count the time together I spent on each part, I bet I come to 16 hours of doing some kind of work.

Some of the work I do in no time, other work takes a lot of time. And then there is the kind of work I put very (too?) much energy into. Like my „job“ in the New Republic Navy.

About a year ago I had almost the same situation I’m in now. I’m feeling exhausted, not willing to do anything, except one or two things I really enjoy. I have no interest in finishing or continuing some of my work (like one or two of my own websites…) and overall I’d like to sleep all day although at the same time I want to sleep at all.

As I had the same situation about a year ago, I came across a Wikipedia article about the so-called Burnout-Syndrom. After reading about symptoms and other signs of this sickness I decided to cut my online activity and engagement in many other parts of my daily life. A month later I was ok again, full of energy and ready to do what ever I’d like to do.

Today, I see those symptoms again and I decided to cut my activity again. But what is Burnout and what kind of signs or symptoms should you be aware of? Weiterlesen