Soundtrack To Your Life

Zita Swoon Music For Life While stumbling around through the Internet, I discovered a nice article at Skippy’s List: „Soundtrack To Your Life„.

skippy got a list with topics and a handful instructions how to fill them with music tracks to create your own, unique soundtrack for your life. It was fun to create my own soundtrack and I believe it is also a good chance to think about your life while you listen to your soundtrack.

Enough said, time to show you my soundtrack list: Weiterlesen

Stumblecards – a new „trend“ of the StumbleUpon Community

The first time I stumbled upon such a „stumblecard“ I had no real idea what are they for.

Fortunately I paid enough attention to the „stumblecard“ to see the short description explaining what it is:

Congratulations…you have found a „stumblecard“!

The latest sensation sweeping the web, „stumblecards“ are simply an online version of the humble trading card.
What’s so great about „stumblecards“ is that you never know when you’ll find one.
There are many out there to collect so keep your eyes peeled.
When you find a card, be sure to bookmark this page or give it a thumbs up so you can go to collect them all.

StumbleUponI myself found two cards via StumbleUpon so far. I did not try a Google search as I believe it spoils the sensation of this, well, game.

Upon my research for this new StumbleUpon „thing“ I had a few questions, like who created it and if there is a place which tells you how many are out there. Some questions I was able to answer. Weiterlesen

My Mini City

My Mini CityA friend of mine told and showed me this interesting browser game.

It is called „MyMiniCity“ and it is very easy to play, if you can actually say „playing“:
First of all you create your own mini city (or not, if you prefer helping a friend…)
My mini city is called Coruin City, not a fancy name but I have to live with it. After you created your city you visit it each day once. You can also bug your friends or fellow bloggers to visit the page each day.

When you or someone else visits the page, a new citizen will „move“ to your city, making it grow. Once a certain amount of citizen are living in your mini city, you get more options to increase parts of your mini city. These options are:

The first option exists right from the beginning and since my mini city is still young I can’t tell when I will unlock the next option. Once I unlock the next option(s), I’ll update this post.

I hope I woke your interest for this neat browser game. Let me know if you also start a mini city or if you decided to help me with my mini city.

Update 2008-01-30: I finally unlocked the „Increase Industry“ option with 50 citizens

Block Firefox…because its users are thieves…

I discovered this uh…funny article at about a guy who runs a website called

The guy at „“ claim that Firefox users are thieves if they use AdblockPlus or other ways to block the advertisement on a website.

Matt from outlines a few holes in their arguments about why blocking Firefox is necessary. After reading it I couldn’t stop laughing, as you can see in my comment.

If you really decide to block Firefox because your visitors don’t want to see the Ads on your page, maybe you should think about a few things:
1. you Ads are annoying (or wasting bandwith for the user)
2. the market share of Firefox keeps on growing, you will hurt yourself on the long run
3. not everyone uses an Adblocker on Firefox, those who do, usually block annoying ads
4. maybe you better download and use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer
5. if you rely on Advertisement to earn money…maybe you should rethink your business plan…

I believe if you fix point 1 and 5 you will see that you get one or more clicks on the Ads…although I doubt that because although I see many ads I rarely click them…

Note #1: is currently down with a 509 – Bandwith Limit Exceeded. I assume a bunch of Firefox users were visiting it, using a User Agent Switcher Add-On

Note #2: @the owner of Would be nice if you would add a comments option to your website…wait, you will get spammed by the blocked Firefox users, aight? Well, feel free to reply on here if you are brave enough…

Update: I just found a page countering, so feel free to visit 😉

Tay Zonday – an amazing voice

I don’t know if you heard one of Tay Zonday’s songs or saw one of his YouTube videos already. I didn’t know about this amazing guy before either.

Fortunately I stumbled upon a website called after watching that song I decided to have a closer look at the guy on YouTube.

I got my favorites of his YouTube videos right after the jump. So if you are too lazy to visit YouTube direct….