JavaScript – Playing with a Form

JS - JavaScriptI assume you already saw one of those forms which show something like „Enter query“ in one of the input fields and as soon as you enter a letter or press a key on the keyboard, the „Enter query“ vanishes.

As I needed such a feature for a project of mine, I decided to write this tutorial to share a couple of techniques you can use for such an interesting form.

Form #1

The first form has the mentioned feature that removes the text in the input field as soon as you hit a key: Weiterlesen

JavaScript – Hello World

JS - JavaScriptUnlike my PHP and HTML tutorials this tutorial will be different.

Although I know JavaScript I don’t use it often because of a few reasons. So I’m using this „tutorial“ to
1. refresh my knowledge about JavaScript
2. teach you the one or the other useful thing.

Let’s begin

For this „tutorial“ you should have some basic understanding about HTML and CSS, later it could be useful to know PHP, but that’s some time later… Weiterlesen