Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten!Frohe Weihnachten (= Merry Christmas) to everyone out there in the world.

We in Germany just got visited by Santa Clause or the „Weihnachtsmann“ and right now I’m enjoying my presents. (I need to figure out what I can do with my 500GB external HDD…). I’m aware that some of you have to wait until tomorrow, but I’m also aware that there are people in the world who are not celebrate Christmas as we do.

So let’s hold on for a minute and think about those people. People who are homeless, poor, sick, alone, far away from home…the list goes on. While people like you and I are enjoying their holidays those people would give everything to have the opportunities we have. I bet you also have/had a hard time to find a gift for a loved one because we have everything you actually need. The people I’m talking about…well, those are not able to bother with such a problem. They are happy if they got enough food/water/money to live another day.

And there are other people.

Some of them suffer from an illness which can’t be cured. They are glad that they got the chance to enjoy another Christmas with their loved ones…and what are their wishes? Most likely that either a cure is found or they won’t have to suffer much longer.

And there are other people.

Some of them are celebrating their Christmas being a soldier in a war zone. They are kept far away from their loved ones, hoping that they won’t get killed until they are due for heading back home some time next year…

I hope this article makes some sense to you as I’m just writing down my thoughts.
Be merry, but also think of other people. People not so lucky to enjoy Christmas like you do.

Upcoming changes…

wow, 4 Blog news in a row…I really need to change that…

Anyway, here are my plans for future articles:

  • Continuing the Tutorials
  • Adding JavaScript and CSS to the Tutorials, maybe even some MySQL stuff
  • Adding code snipplets to the Tutorial sections. These are for public use and are not a real tutorial although I may explain a few things of the code…
  • Revamping the Review Category. I will stick with Games, Music and Software for now, but I will present a better review system soon.
  • Starting the Review series with some details about my computer and how I will test and review Games and Software.
  • I’ll continue stumbling around on the Net to find interesting YouTube videos or other „StumbleUpon“ stuff

On a side note:
I finally had the time to get rid of the ugly YouTube (and other) „embed“ code and turn it into the nice „object“ version.
Special thanks to A List Apart as they have an article about the „embed to object“ conversion.

I forgot to mention it above: I switched from to as I don’t need extra domains for the blog and for my main page anymore. As of today the blog is my main page. 🙂

New Design

I hope you noticed that I changed the design 😉

A friend is still working on creating a logo for me, but I couldn’t resist any longer because I really love this template. Right now I need to do some minor adjustments, please don’t worry if something doesn’t work as intended 🙂

It is one of the many changes which will follow this week, so stay tuned for more news.

Oh, there is another poll after the jump. If you select any of the negative options, please write a comment and explain what you don’t like. Maybe I will edit it for you 🙂

Blog Update and change

As I already announced I plan to re-design my blog a bit.

I’m already working on a new design, which will be based on and the same colors I’m using right now. At the moment I’m wondering which content I should drop although I will keep the tutorials for sure.

I think I will wait for your opinions, because whatever I decide to do, I will also need to change my „Randomness at its finest“ except I stick to my current blog setup…


The template is done, I’m just waiting for a friend who promised to create me a logo…or at least to give it a try.
I also installed a bunch of nice and usefull features/plugins for my blog: