Gaming Addiction Prevention – Finale

My personal program is finally over…I believe…

As you most likely know I started this on June 18th, a day after my post about Computer / Gaming Addiction.
Although I planned to post a regular update on my progress, things turned out different as my real life kept me busy and didn’t allow me to spent time on updating my progress.

So, here they are…

The final results


Gaming Addiction Prevention – Day 1

After I the results of my reflection of my computer usage I decided to give you a regular update on my progress and feelings.

First of all let’s have a look at what I need to change to ensure that I won’t become addicted to computers:

  1. Spend less time at the computer
  2. Solving problems with my parents
  3. Getting a job until my job education starts
  4. Stop skipping meals
  5. Stop failing to attend to personal hygiene
  6. Get back to the regular sleep pattern

The results for Day 1


Computer / Gaming Addict?

Before I begin with my actual article I have to apologize for me recent inactivity. Real life is busy at the moment and I also have some problems…nothing to worry about 🙂

However, I think this article is some kind of reflection for me. My mother keeps on saying that I’m a computer addict and that I should see a doc or one of the people at the addiction center. I think and I’m quite sure on this, that I’m not addicted. To prove this I better make a break down on how many hours I’m at the computer, what I do there and so on.