The 6 steps of creating a website

The 6 steps of creating a websiteOne of my hobbies, actually my favorite hobby, is to write HTML, CSS and PHP code. Or better: creating websites.

If I’m not working on an existing website, I like to think about creating a new one. Based on that, I thought it would be interesting to share my personal steps in creating websites, ranging from the first idea to the boredom of just maintaining the final page.

You can devide the whole process in 6 steps:

  1. The Idea
  2. Evaluation and Preparation
  3. Creation and Testing
  4. Reviewing and Optimizing
  5. Release
  6. Maintenance


Useful Tools for validating HTML, CSS and Accessibility

Useful Tools for validating HTML, CSS and AccessibilityWho doesn’t know the situation when you release a website and within a short time you get complaints of users with browser X who say that xyz doesn’t work on the page.

These days there are many browsers out there and of course you can test your page on them if you have the time. Even then there is the chance you missed one or two and then you are back at zero. Also, it is possible that a design doesn’t allow users with a disability to use the page.

So what to do?

First of all it is a good advise to use valid HTML and CSS. Also make sure you don’t abuse JavaScript, Flash and Gifs. If you are reading this article, I assume I don’t have to tell you about these things…

But how can you validate your HTML, CSS and Accessibility?

Well, I will tell you which tools I’m using to validate my websites. These tools are not perfect, but if you use them properly you make sure that they cover each others weakness and leaving you with a valid website at the end. Also, there are some things you can’t validate by using a tool. You need to know the guidelines for HTML, CSS and Accessibility (WCAG) Weiterlesen

Google Webmaster Tools‘ New Look

Google's Webmaster Central

Finally the announced new look for Google Webmaster Central is live. I visited Webmaster Central yesterday and it wasn’t updated, so please don’t punish me if this is „old“ news…

The Webmaster Central Homepage

I am not sure, but I believe they didn’t only add new icons and changed the overall design, but also added one or two more options. I don’t recall seeing a link to gadgets for your website but maybe it was just hidden in a sub menu.

Overall it makes a really clean and easy to use look. I’m really tempted to try one or two of the new things I see on there…

What’s new on the Tools page?

First of all of course the look. They got rid of the greenish design and moved to the „Google Standard Blue“ as I like to call it. It looks pretty now.

They also changed the navigation and it is way more intuitive now. However, they didn’t add any new features. They only removed the tool rating options and the improved the overview for each category.

What do you think about the new Google Webmaster Central page? Are you using it?

Further Reading: Webmaster Tools by Google

Act 4 Trees – Take part in the reforestation of Amazonia

Kristarella wrote an article about the „Act4trees“ project and I decided to also get on the train.

AQUAVERDE LogoThe project run by has the astonishing goal of receiving 100 million visits. Once this goal is reached, will put back 10,000 Euro (approx. 13,612 USD) to the environmental organization AQUAVERDE.

AQUAVERDE is a non-profit association founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2002.

Its goal is to promote and support all initiatives thriving to bring a new dimension to the interaction between human society and environement, in the perspective of sustainable development and dignity of People.

The association concentrates its efforts in priority to the safeguard of water ressources in the Amazon region, which constitute today one fourth of the fresh water reserves of our planet.

I believe we should support this project, either by donating to the association or by supporting the Ace4trees website and getting them their 100 million visits.

So what are you waiting for?

Webmaster Tools by Google

Kristarella at „This and that“ had an interesting article about Google’s Analytics tool.

Although I use my Analytics account on a regular basis, I used it as a reason to have a closer look at my stats. While doing so, I remembered that I also have an account for Google’s Webmaster Tools (including Sitemaps). So I went there and discovered that I forgot to maintain it for quite some while. As I dug through the options and information provided I discovered a lot of useful options and features a webmaster should use.

Google Webmaster Tools

The Overview

The sitemap overview, or dashboard as Google calls it, shows you a list of the domains you added for monitoring.
If you have no domains listed, add one.

When adding one you will have to verify that your are really the webmaster of that site.
There are two methods to verify: Weiterlesen