Glancing at the stats

I know I have been lazy (read: busy) like hell with „Real Life“ and I had to neglect my blog quite a bit, but I still keep an eye on my stats. Well, apparently I got recently (exactly on 2009-04-24) quite a peak from StumbleUpon:

I really need to get back to writing again, maybe I’ll get more visitors then 😉

and yes, I know, StumbleUpon is known to bring a huge peak and after that only some visitors. Still…

P.S.: Some friends of mine started a German website called Projekt Datenrettung (no frame version of Projekt Datenrettung).

Tagline found + new face created = more activity?

Tagline found + new face created = more activity?At least I hope so.

Well, let’s start at the beginning:
A couple of weeks ago I finally got time again to take care of my blog. I wrote a few articles and wondered how long I’ll stay active here again.

I believe by now I’m known among my blogging friends as someone who is active like hell and then suddenly vanishes for quite some time.

I thought about the reasons which made me „vanish“ and that’s what made me find my very own tagline:

…when coding passion, gaming addiction, Internet surfing syndrome and the real life collide…

As I read that tagline a few times I figured that I can’t stick to my theme as it won’t fit anymore. Also, I’ll have to change a some things to make my blog work with the tagline. Weiterlesen

Being alive part 2

I‚m slowly on my way back to be more active on my blog. However, before I can concentrate only on writing and replying to comments, I still have to do some minor updates and tweaking.

So far I finally got all plugins updated and even got the time to fix an issue with the menu on the right:
If you visited the „Tutorials“ or „About“ section of my blog, you may have noticed that the sub entries got messed up a bit. It is fixed now, but my „friend“, the Internet Explorer, messes it up now.
I’ll see if I can fix it, if not, you may look for an alternate browser 😉

I even got the time to finally align my Firefox advertisement properly at the bottom so it fits a bit better to the design than before.

It seems to me as I only have two or three things left which need my attention, then I can start blogging again. Two of those things are the Internet Exploder bug with the NicEdit WYSIWYG editor and the, currently missing, Gravatar avatars in the comments.

Enough for now 🙂

P.S.: I hope Germany wins the UEFA cup…

The heartbeat – A sign for being alive.

The heartbeat - A sign for being alive.It has been quite some time since my last post. About 3 month, if I’m not wrong.

A lot happened in the world since then. Quite a few updates were released for WordPress and now I have to take care of getting up to date.

Also, my feed reader collected a few thousands of articles which I couldn’t read due to not having enough time. At least there is a button which marks them all read with one click 😉

So, what happened to me which prevented the posting of new articles or at least regular messages on twitter?

Short summary about recent changes at + 1 Question

MaintenanceA few days ago Matt at Webmaster-Source and Michael at Pro Blog Design published articles about optimizing the load time of a blog and plugins to get more comments

Influenced by their articles I decided to review and optimize my own blog. Some of the mentioned plugins and optimizations I had already in use, a few I added as result of reading said articles:

You could call this some kind of heavy maintenance, so I’m now interested on some feedback. How do you like the new comment plugins? Does the site load slower or faster or did it stay the same? Any reply is much appreciated, especially feedback about the loading time of my blog 🙂

I moved all javascript used on my site to the foot which should reduce the loading time a lot more.
Please let me know if something is now broken 🙂