Burnout-Syndrom – Am I in danger?

Out of FuelAs my closer friends know, I’m quite a busy man. Not only do I have to go to school, take care of multiple websites (in my spare time!) and of course also my other tasks in real life, but I’m also part of a very old online gaming club named the New Republic Navy. If I count the time together I spent on each part, I bet I come to 16 hours of doing some kind of work.

Some of the work I do in no time, other work takes a lot of time. And then there is the kind of work I put very (too?) much energy into. Like my „job“ in the New Republic Navy.

About a year ago I had almost the same situation I’m in now. I’m feeling exhausted, not willing to do anything, except one or two things I really enjoy. I have no interest in finishing or continuing some of my work (like one or two of my own websites…) and overall I’d like to sleep all day although at the same time I want to sleep at all.

As I had the same situation about a year ago, I came across a Wikipedia article about the so-called Burnout-Syndrom. After reading about symptoms and other signs of this sickness I decided to cut my online activity and engagement in many other parts of my daily life. A month later I was ok again, full of energy and ready to do what ever I’d like to do.

Today, I see those symptoms again and I decided to cut my activity again. But what is Burnout and what kind of signs or symptoms should you be aware of? Weiterlesen