– The homepage of a German actor

You didn’t read much lately on here, now you will learn about one of the many reasons which hold me back.

Thorsten Kramer is a German actor who asked me a while ago to take care of his website. Of course I said yes, although I consider this work more a hobby than an actual job. Anyway, I believe that this website will help me in the future to get into touch of possible clients, so I put a lot of effort into this site to make it as perfect as possible.

Before I start to talk about details and features of the website let me tell you a little bit about how Thorsten Kramer and I worked together to make the perfect site for him. Weiterlesen

long time no see…err…post ;)

I finally got the time to write again.

The last weeks where quite busy. First of all I kept to my Game Addiction Prevention program, then I decided to write my first very own template engine. After the template engine was a success, I started to work on the new homepage of the german actor Thorsten Kramer which is hopefully finished in a few weeks so I can release it 🙂

While working on that page I figured out that my own homepage needs a re-design. I started it yesterday and so far the design is looking great. Can’t wait to finish the page and present it to you 🙂

So, what else is on deck?
My next article will be about the final results of my Game Addiction Prevention program. Then I thought about continuing my tutorials and of course posting some other nice things.


Update: Updated the color of the page header to fit to the new design planned for my homepage