Harry Potter and the deathly hollows – leaked?! (faked!)

Maybe you heard about it that a PDF file with all 650 pages of the new (and the last) Harry Potter book has been leaked on the Net.

As far as I know, the officials neither confirm nor deny if it is a fake or not.

I didn’t read the leaked script, yet, so I can’t give you my opinion. But maybe you want to download the pdf file and read it on your own 🙂

Note: This post, and the download contained in it, are products of investigative journalism and therefore covered by law as legal.

Update: Now, after the book is released, I got confirmed that this „leaked book“ is a fake.

Sometimes dogs are cute….and sometimes they are big – Hercules

I really saw a lot already, but this beat everything.

There are thousands of dogs out there, most of them are cute, others are…not my taste. And then there is Hercules.

He is one of the dogs who holds a world record, however, he just has to be himself to have the record. „Little“ Hercules is the biggest dog in the world and is about as large as an horse…maybe a bit larger than a pony.

Don’t believe me? See it on your own… Weiterlesen