Block Firefox…because its users are thieves…

I discovered this uh…funny article at about a guy who runs a website called

The guy at „“ claim that Firefox users are thieves if they use AdblockPlus or other ways to block the advertisement on a website.

Matt from outlines a few holes in their arguments about why blocking Firefox is necessary. After reading it I couldn’t stop laughing, as you can see in my comment.

If you really decide to block Firefox because your visitors don’t want to see the Ads on your page, maybe you should think about a few things:
1. you Ads are annoying (or wasting bandwith for the user)
2. the market share of Firefox keeps on growing, you will hurt yourself on the long run
3. not everyone uses an Adblocker on Firefox, those who do, usually block annoying ads
4. maybe you better download and use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer
5. if you rely on Advertisement to earn money…maybe you should rethink your business plan…

I believe if you fix point 1 and 5 you will see that you get one or more clicks on the Ads…although I doubt that because although I see many ads I rarely click them…

Note #1: is currently down with a 509 – Bandwith Limit Exceeded. I assume a bunch of Firefox users were visiting it, using a User Agent Switcher Add-On

Note #2: @the owner of Would be nice if you would add a comments option to your website…wait, you will get spammed by the blocked Firefox users, aight? Well, feel free to reply on here if you are brave enough…

Update: I just found a page countering, so feel free to visit 😉


StumbleUpon is an amazing add-on for Firefox and InternetExplorer.

It is a toolbar which allows you to stumble through the Internet and every time you rate a website with a „thumb up“ or „thumb down“ the toolbar learns to filter that kind of websites you like, recommending those instead of pages you don’t like.

The first time I heard about this nice, sometimes time consuming, toolbar was at the Mozilla Firefox Extensions website. After registering for free, since they have to store your „thumb ups/downs“, I used it the first time…and got addicted. I believe I „stumbled“ about an hour straight, then I decided to take a break.

Today I „stumble“ whenever I’m bored or looking for something interesting and fortunately I’m not as much addicted anymore like I was the first days I got this extension.

I really recommend you get the StumbleUpon toolbar. (and don’t forget to give me a „Thumb up“ 😉 )

It is free! It is fun! It is StumbleUpon!