Ein Kind Zweier Welten – Horde oder Allianz?

Horde - Allianz Logo vereint Die meisten meiner Freunde und Bekannten wissen es, dass ich World of Warcraft (WoW) spiele. Aber nicht jeder weiß, was genau oder welche Seite.

Als ich „damals“ mit WoW anfing, geschah es auf einem deutschen PvP Realm namens Taerar.
PvP steht für Player versus Player, also Spieler gegen Spieler. Auf einem solchen Realm können sich jeder zeit die Mitglieder der beiden Fraktionen „Allianz“ und „Horde“ angreifen. Weiterlesen

Jumpgate Evolution – Beta Signup

A while ago I received a newsletter from Codemasters about an upcoming game called „Jumpgate Evolution„:

Jumpgate Evolution is the definitive elite space combat MMO set in an intense action-packed universe. Discover three playable nations, trade valuable commodities, take part in dangerous intergalactic raids, meet and play with friends and live out the dream to become an elite hero, all-controlling commander or infamous space pirate.

Jumpgate EvolutionThe screenshots are very promising, as are the features:

  • Engage in Dog-Fights
  • Explore a huge and varied universe
  • Highly Accessible
  • Huge Space Battles
  • Three Playable Nations
  • Advanced Gameplay Systems
  • Player driven world

The game itself looks like a Eve Online variant, so one may wait for the Beta release to judge about it.

If you want to sign up for the beta, visit the Jumpgate Evolution homepage.

I’m signed up already and hope to be one of the many chosen for testing the game. What about you?

My Mini City

My Mini CityA friend of mine told and showed me this interesting browser game.

It is called „MyMiniCity“ and it is very easy to play, if you can actually say „playing“:
First of all you create your own mini city (or not, if you prefer helping a friend…)
My mini city is called Coruin City, not a fancy name but I have to live with it. After you created your city you visit it each day once. You can also bug your friends or fellow bloggers to visit the page each day.

When you or someone else visits the page, a new citizen will „move“ to your city, making it grow. Once a certain amount of citizen are living in your mini city, you get more options to increase parts of your mini city. These options are:

The first option exists right from the beginning and since my mini city is still young I can’t tell when I will unlock the next option. Once I unlock the next option(s), I’ll update this post.

I hope I woke your interest for this neat browser game. Let me know if you also start a mini city or if you decided to help me with my mini city.

Update 2008-01-30: I finally unlocked the „Increase Industry“ option with 50 citizens

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter World – Relaunched

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way… Star Wars®

Star Wars®

Episode 2007


As the mighty LucasArts™ continues to ignore the calls of hundreds of thousands of X-Wing and TIE Fighter pilots a small group of fearless veterans try to keep all pilots together.

With the attempt to have all the shattered forces and communities meet at one place, the veterans work on showing the evil LucasArts™ that a huge community is out there, waiting for another X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter® or X-Wing Alliance®.

While working on the final goal of a new Star Wars® space simulator game, the veterans, pilots and communities work on mod, improve, edit existing games with the hope that LucasArts™ recognizes the wishes of them…


Review – How I evaluate and on which computer configuration

The following is not required for my music reviews, so if you only want to know how I review music, you can skip this part.

Computer Configuration

If you are evaluating a game or any other kind of software, you need to know the hardware specifications and the environment of the computer.
So before I explain how I evaluate software let me give you some details about my computer.

Hardware Specification