Star Wars: Galaxies – „Dev Chat“

This interview never took place, however it reflects the mood of the majority of the Star Wars: Galaxies players. This majority is also known as the Star Wars: Galaxies Veterans and obviously Sony Entertainment keeps on failing to listen to this majority when it comes to game development/changes.
Today another friend of mine decided to quit Star Wars: Galaxies, so I think it is justified to post this fake Dev Chat log, which was originally planned as introduction of my other article but was left out…now I took the time to make it even better.

Well, enjoy the one or the other not so funny joke about Sony Online Entertainment and what they are doing with this great game.

Temperature Extremes Scale

As you hopefully aware of the climate is changing.
I know the overall temperature is rising, but let’s have a look what happens if it is cooling down from +20°C to -295°C:

+20°C – Greeks put on sweaters (if they can find them).
+15°C – Hawaiians turn on the heaters (if they have them).
+10°C – Americans shake, Russians are planting cucumbers.
+5°C – You can see your own breathing. Italian cars don’t start. Norwegians take a bath. Russians drive with lowered windows.
0°C – Water freezes in America, in Russia it thickens.