Soundtrack To Your Life

Zita Swoon Music For Life While stumbling around through the Internet, I discovered a nice article at Skippy’s List: „Soundtrack To Your Life„.

skippy got a list with topics and a handful instructions how to fill them with music tracks to create your own, unique soundtrack for your life. It was fun to create my own soundtrack and I believe it is also a good chance to think about your life while you listen to your soundtrack.

Enough said, time to show you my soundtrack list: Weiterlesen

Peter Gabriel – Amazing voice combined with touching lyrics

Peter GabrielThe first time I heard and enjoyed a song by Peter Gabriel I didn’t know how the song was named nor did I know who made that song. A few years later I saw the record of a concert by a – back then to me unknown – artist named Peter Gabriel on TV. I enjoyed the music and the show until I saw him playing Sledgehammer and I asked myself: „Hey, I know that song, it is awsome!“.

Since then I’m some kind of a fan of Peter Gabriel. I’m owning some music from him, but I didn’t attend a concert or so.
Anyway, I don’t know if you ever heard about him. So let me give you some information about him.

Who is Peter Gabriel?

I could try to write an own description, but I think Wikipedia has a very good article about Peter Gabriel:

Peter Brian Gabriel (born 13 February 1950, in Chobham, Surrey, England) is an English musician. He first came to fame as the lead vocalist and flautist of the progressive rock group Genesis. After leaving Genesis, Gabriel went on to a successful solo career. More recently he has focused on producing and promoting world music and pioneering digital distribution methods for music. He has also been involved in various humanitarian efforts.


Review – How I evaluate and on which computer configuration

The following is not required for my music reviews, so if you only want to know how I review music, you can skip this part.

Computer Configuration

If you are evaluating a game or any other kind of software, you need to know the hardware specifications and the environment of the computer.
So before I explain how I evaluate software let me give you some details about my computer.

Hardware Specification


Tay Zonday – an amazing voice

I don’t know if you heard one of Tay Zonday’s songs or saw one of his YouTube videos already. I didn’t know about this amazing guy before either.

Fortunately I stumbled upon a website called after watching that song I decided to have a closer look at the guy on YouTube.

I got my favorites of his YouTube videos right after the jump. So if you are too lazy to visit YouTube direct….