Happy New Year 2008

New Year 2008I wish you a happy new year.

My fellow bloggers Matt at Webmaster- Source and Michael at Pro Blog Design reviewed their year 2007, including a list of their best articles. Since I’m new to this business and my plans didn’t turn out like intended I will hold it a bit like Slevi while doing some kind of review.

What happened 2007?

In the first few months of the year I decided to re-do my website and it got a design close to this one. However, after playing with „AJAX“ and doing other „fancy“ things with my website I decided to start an own blog and trying to become a problogger, if possible.

So I got my own blog. That was on April the 22nd. You can read the start article here, please excuse the lack of professionalism as it was my first blog post ever. After writing some more articles I happened to stumbleupon to either a post at ProBlogDesign or Webmaster-Source. I don’t remember exactly where it was, or do I remember the article. Anyway, the article made me review my blogging style.

The quality of my articles was…uh…ok, yet the environment didn’t fit. I then made an own design instead of using the (although modified) standard wordpress design.
Another article made crop the categories and doing some other tweaks. I also installed some plugins and some more work made the current design of my blog.

Now as the look was professional I needed to work on the content. I believe the categories I chose are ok, but then real life went bad on me. It turned out that I had almost no time at the end and my last professional article is dated September 15th. You can find it under the title „Useful Tools for validating HTML, CSS and Accessibility„.
What will 2008 bring?