Google Webmaster Tools‘ New Look

Google's Webmaster Central

Finally the announced new look for Google Webmaster Central is live. I visited Webmaster Central yesterday and it wasn’t updated, so please don’t punish me if this is „old“ news…

The Webmaster Central Homepage

I am not sure, but I believe they didn’t only add new icons and changed the overall design, but also added one or two more options. I don’t recall seeing a link to gadgets for your website but maybe it was just hidden in a sub menu.

Overall it makes a really clean and easy to use look. I’m really tempted to try one or two of the new things I see on there…

What’s new on the Tools page?

First of all of course the look. They got rid of the greenish design and moved to the „Google Standard Blue“ as I like to call it. It looks pretty now.

They also changed the navigation and it is way more intuitive now. However, they didn’t add any new features. They only removed the tool rating options and the improved the overview for each category.

What do you think about the new Google Webmaster Central page? Are you using it?

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Webmaster Tools by Google

Kristarella at „This and that“ had an interesting article about Google’s Analytics tool.

Although I use my Analytics account on a regular basis, I used it as a reason to have a closer look at my stats. While doing so, I remembered that I also have an account for Google’s Webmaster Tools (including Sitemaps). So I went there and discovered that I forgot to maintain it for quite some while. As I dug through the options and information provided I discovered a lot of useful options and features a webmaster should use.

Google Webmaster Tools

The Overview

The sitemap overview, or dashboard as Google calls it, shows you a list of the domains you added for monitoring.
If you have no domains listed, add one.

When adding one you will have to verify that your are really the webmaster of that site.
There are two methods to verify: Weiterlesen


Today’s featured article is about the on-going Googlemania.

I don’t want to talk about Google itself, I’m more likely interested in sharing my experience with Google and Software provided/made by Google.

So let’s get started with my top 4 of the best software and products made by Google….I know, I know, there are more, but I tested only 4 so far 😉