Xfire – Gaming Simplified

Every Gamer knows this problem: You play a game and your have your favorite messenger running in the background. Right in a fight you get an incoming message. Depending on your computer, the game and the messenger, you either get killed, the game/computer crashes or something else happens, like the Internet fails, that’s why getting a pro gaming router at least help with this problem. Also, you may not be able to „tab out“ and reply.

Maybe it is the perfect timing to tell you about gaming messenger named Xfire. Weiterlesen

Stupid Caps Lock – Be Gone!!!

Who doesn’t this situation: You are typing a message and by accident you hit the CapsLock key and everything is written in capital letters. I bet you are as annoyed as I am when this happens.

Fortunately we are not alone. A fellow sufferer, named Nick Hodges, decided to write a useful tool called CapsLockBeGone and I think it is worth to review it on here after I had a lot of time to evaluate the program.

Review – How I evaluate and on which computer configuration

The following is not required for my music reviews, so if you only want to know how I review music, you can skip this part.

Computer Configuration

If you are evaluating a game or any other kind of software, you need to know the hardware specifications and the environment of the computer.
So before I explain how I evaluate software let me give you some details about my computer.

Hardware Specification


Block Firefox…because its users are thieves…

I discovered this uh…funny article at webmaster-source.com about a guy who runs a website called whyfirefoxisblocked.com.

The guy at „whyisfirefoxblocked.com“ claim that Firefox users are thieves if they use AdblockPlus or other ways to block the advertisement on a website.

Matt from webmaster-source.com outlines a few holes in their arguments about why blocking Firefox is necessary. After reading it I couldn’t stop laughing, as you can see in my comment.

If you really decide to block Firefox because your visitors don’t want to see the Ads on your page, maybe you should think about a few things:
1. you Ads are annoying (or wasting bandwith for the user)
2. the market share of Firefox keeps on growing, you will hurt yourself on the long run
3. not everyone uses an Adblocker on Firefox, those who do, usually block annoying ads
4. maybe you better download and use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer
5. if you rely on Advertisement to earn money…maybe you should rethink your business plan…

I believe if you fix point 1 and 5 you will see that you get one or more clicks on the Ads…although I doubt that because although I see many ads I rarely click them…

Note #1: whyfirefoxisblocked.com is currently down with a 509 – Bandwith Limit Exceeded. I assume a bunch of Firefox users were visiting it, using a User Agent Switcher Add-On

Note #2: @the owner of whyfirefoxisblocked.com: Would be nice if you would add a comments option to your website…wait, you will get spammed by the blocked Firefox users, aight? Well, feel free to reply on here if you are brave enough…

Update: I just found a page countering whyfirefoxisblocked.com, so feel free to visit whyisfirefoxblocked.com 😉

Lord of the Rings Online – 3 Day Trial

Did you hear about Lord of the Rings Online – Shadows of Angmar and could not decide if you should try it?

Well, I got a 3 day trial for you. I have 8 6 2 0 keys left, so if you want to get one of the keys, send me an email or post a comment with your email.
The key only works for the EUROPEAN Lord of the Rings Online.

You need to do the following steps before you use the key:

Download the Client:
3D downloads

Install it, then create an account at codemasters.com (or login) and use the trial key. Creating a codemaster account is for free.

Please note that they trial time starts to count as soon as you use the key.

Update: I have no keys left, I’m sorry if you are still looking for a key. Maybe I will get another set of keys soon. I will post it on here of course 🙂