Secret XP Theme Uncovered

Once again I was stumbling through the Net, just to discover an article at about „Royale Noir: A Secret XP Theme Uncovered„.

At first I thought about quoting the full article, but I think it is easier to just link you to the article.

oh…and here are a few screens of my desktop 🙂

Royale Noir

Royale Noir - Screen 1/2 Royale Noir - Screen 2/2


Royale - Screen 1/2 Royale - Screen 2/2


Today’s featured article is about the on-going Googlemania.

I don’t want to talk about Google itself, I’m more likely interested in sharing my experience with Google and Software provided/made by Google.

So let’s get started with my top 4 of the best software and products made by Google….I know, I know, there are more, but I tested only 4 so far 😉


StumbleUpon is an amazing add-on for Firefox and InternetExplorer.

It is a toolbar which allows you to stumble through the Internet and every time you rate a website with a „thumb up“ or „thumb down“ the toolbar learns to filter that kind of websites you like, recommending those instead of pages you don’t like.

The first time I heard about this nice, sometimes time consuming, toolbar was at the Mozilla Firefox Extensions website. After registering for free, since they have to store your „thumb ups/downs“, I used it the first time…and got addicted. I believe I „stumbled“ about an hour straight, then I decided to take a break.

Today I „stumble“ whenever I’m bored or looking for something interesting and fortunately I’m not as much addicted anymore like I was the first days I got this extension.

I really recommend you get the StumbleUpon toolbar. (and don’t forget to give me a „Thumb up“ 😉 )

It is free! It is fun! It is StumbleUpon!

Beyond the Red Line

Watch out, Battlestar Galactica Fans! Here comes an awesome flight simulator which will allow you to dive into the world of BsG.
The game is called „Beyond the Red Line“ and will allow you to fly many ships, like the Viper Mk II, Viper Mk VII or Raptor. To have a first look at it I downloaded the demo from the official website.

After playing the demo single player campaign I can only say: I want more!
It is one hell of a game, you really become part of the Battlestar Galactica universe and I can’t wait to test the multi player demo part as it allows you to try all three included snubfighters: Viper Mk II, Viper Mk VII and Raptor.
Although the graphics are just awesome and the game play makes you really enjoy the experience to be a Viper-pilot, there are a few things I have to criticize:

The in-game menu is…uhm…let’s say, you need to get used to it. It is a bit difficult to keep the orientation there, but maybe they had such a display aboard the Galactica 😉
Also, it takes a bit to get used to the controls, even with the tutorial which explains you everything you need to know about how to properly fly your ship. As a Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance veteran I have some troubles getting used to the aiming as it is very hard to make sure that your shots count. In the SP campaign I had a maximum hit percentage of 28%, maybe I just need to train a bit more to get better 🙂

Ok, ok, it is „just“ a demo, so hopefully the final version will have fixed/improved some parts…but after all, the fun factor is there. I consider buying the game already, even if it is just for the fun or the graphics….

There is currently no release date for the game, or didn’t find it it. As soon as a date is published, I will update this article 🙂

Meanwhile download the demo from the official website any enjoy it!

Songbird Media Player

As most of the computer users I enjoy listen to music while working on something.
There are many good free/semi-free media players, like Winamp, QuickTime, RealPlayer to mention a few.

Although they are nice, I discovered a media which will beat them all. It is based on the same engine used by Firefox and Thunderbird.

The player is called Songbird and you can download it at the official website

I really like this media player and can’t wait for the next updates 🙂