Star Wars: Soldiers vs. Jedi by Marco Ruelicke

This is my first Star Wars fan fiction story I ever wrote.
Right now I’m working on at least one more story, although I will need a bit time before I can publish it on here.

Please keep in mind that Star Wars and anything related is courtesy of Lucasfilm, thus all rights are reserved.
The characters I’m using in the following short story are either invented or the character of an online friend of mine.

You may pass this story along as long as you mention me as the author and have a link to my website.
Maybe you also drop me a line, so I know if you liked the story and considered worth spreading around 🙂

I would like to thank George Lucas for allowing writers like me to write fan fiction staged in the Star Wars universe.
I also want to thank him for the fact that he invented Star Wars, without him I wouldn’t be able to publish this story.

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter World – Relaunched

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way… Star Wars®

Star Wars®

Episode 2007


As the mighty LucasArts™ continues to ignore the calls of hundreds of thousands of X-Wing and TIE Fighter pilots a small group of fearless veterans try to keep all pilots together.

With the attempt to have all the shattered forces and communities meet at one place, the veterans work on showing the evil LucasArts™ that a huge community is out there, waiting for another X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter® or X-Wing Alliance®.

While working on the final goal of a new Star Wars® space simulator game, the veterans, pilots and communities work on mod, improve, edit existing games with the hope that LucasArts™ recognizes the wishes of them…


Star Wars – The Musical

Once again I stumbled upon an interesting and funny thing on the Net.

We all love the Star Wars movies…let’s assume there was a musical of it. Would you visit it? I would, that’s for sure.

After I saw a post at I had a closer look at it. So I visited the homepage of the Star Wars musical and what I saw…well, I downloaded all the MP3s there so I can enjoy the musical whenever I want to 🙂

There is a video on YouTube based on the musical which was made by some fans.
In my opinion it is worth watching it.

If you want a different video, you can download a QuickTime movie. It is using actual footage from the movie Star Wars: A New Hope. Special thanks to who created the video.