StumbleUpon and Firefox 3 – Auto-Bookmark on Thumb Up or Tag

StumbleUpon With the release of Firefox 3 our favorite distraction bar, or better known as „StumbleUpon Bar“, got a few new features some of us may like others may not want to use.

I don’t want to cover all of the new features.
I only cover one which I don’t use and I believe there are many people who don’t want to use either. I’m talking about the „save as local bookmark if thumbed up or if tagged“.

Maybe you noticed it already:

You stumble a site, you like it and you give your thumb up – Pew, and it is bookmarked.
You want to tag a site – Pew, and it is bookmarked.

I wish StumbleUpon wouldn’t set this feature to auto enabled, or at least they could ask us if we want to use this feature before enabling it. I’m not sure if they mentioned it somewhere and I’m a bit too lazy too Google for it.

Anyway, time to get rid of this feature Weiterlesen

Stumblecards – a new „trend“ of the StumbleUpon Community

The first time I stumbled upon such a „stumblecard“ I had no real idea what are they for.

Fortunately I paid enough attention to the „stumblecard“ to see the short description explaining what it is:

Congratulations…you have found a „stumblecard“!

The latest sensation sweeping the web, „stumblecards“ are simply an online version of the humble trading card.
What’s so great about „stumblecards“ is that you never know when you’ll find one.
There are many out there to collect so keep your eyes peeled.
When you find a card, be sure to bookmark this page or give it a thumbs up so you can go to collect them all.

StumbleUponI myself found two cards via StumbleUpon so far. I did not try a Google search as I believe it spoils the sensation of this, well, game.

Upon my research for this new StumbleUpon „thing“ I had a few questions, like who created it and if there is a place which tells you how many are out there. Some questions I was able to answer. Weiterlesen