Star Wars – The Musical

Once again I stumbled upon an interesting and funny thing on the Net.

We all love the Star Wars movies…let’s assume there was a musical of it. Would you visit it? I would, that’s for sure.

After I saw a post at I had a closer look at it. So I visited the homepage of the Star Wars musical and what I saw…well, I downloaded all the MP3s there so I can enjoy the musical whenever I want to 🙂

There is a video on YouTube based on the musical which was made by some fans.
In my opinion it is worth watching it.

If you want a different video, you can download a QuickTime movie. It is using actual footage from the movie Star Wars: A New Hope. Special thanks to who created the video.

Against mobile ring tone TV advertisments

Who doesn’t know those annoying advertisements on TV? Like that Crazy Frog, Sweety or whatever.

Ok, back then when the first ring tone ad was broad casted it was cool, but today they ads are getting worse and worse.
Usually, as soon as I see such an ad on TV I switch the channel because I can’t stand it.

Well, quite a while ago there was a website (unfortunately I lost the bookmark to it) which asked you to join their campaign against those stupid, brain damaging. I don’t remember if I joined them, but I did sign their petition. I don’t know if they had success, if you happen to remember the website I’m talking about, please let me know.

However, on that page you were able to download 4 very funny advertisements, copying the ring tone ads. Yesterday I discovered that I still have these advertisements on my hard drive, so I logged in and uploaded it to YouTube.